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TrueLawyer was established with the goal of using technology to bridge the gap between legal practitioners and the people of India. The legal industry is on the verge of a revolution with the advancements in AI and intelligent Google algorithms, and TrueLawyer aims to be at the forefront of this change while preserving the crucial human-to-human contact that characterizes justice in our country.

TrueLawyer is a platform that allows lawyers to create free profiles using their contact details and professional summaries as long as they possess a certification that adheres to BCI norms. TrueLawyer is committed to adhering to the rules of the Bar Council of India and upholding the integrity of the legal profession.

The platform treats all lawyers equally and discourages practices such as payment for top search results. TrueLawyer is not an advertising agency and does not provide related services. The sole objective of TrueLawyer is to facilitate the connection between the common people and legal practitioners, with the aim of expediting the process of justice and promoting equality.

India is the largest market for online platforms, and TrueLawyer sees this as an ideal opportunity to address the longstanding problem of "last-mile" and provide legal empowerment to every citizen of the country, including urban businessmen and rural farmers.

TrueLawyer's search results are influenced by a variety of factors such as verified reviews, title, description, website links, social media followers, backlinks, SEO, and several other factors. Visitors to the platform have the ability to toggle or sort through the search results based on their preferences.

As a lawyer looking to create a listing, you can enhance your profile on TrueLawyer by upgrading to a premium profile. This will enable you to create a unique and attention-grabbing organic profile, which will be visible to a wider audience organically. At the same time, you can also support the platform's ongoing operations. Listing your profile on TrueLawyer can provide you with similar or even greater benefits than creating your own website for your legal profession.

To sum up, TrueLawyer represents a crucial advancement in making the law accessible to everyone and promoting collective progress. We invite visitors to review the platform's Terms and Privacy Policy for additional clarity.

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