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At Truelawyer we help you to find lawyers in your city or area.


Easily search or navigate through list of lawyers in your city and find one which is most suitable for you.

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If you are a lawyer, you can list yourself as lawyer for free and be found in our directory.


We can give you legal support absolutely free of cost. Use our forum for asking any legal advice or questions. is an endeavour to minimise and bridge the gap between lawyers and litigants. Ebiome Solutions Private Limited is our entity.

As per Rules of Bar Council of India, Lawyers cannot advertise their Profession and we strictly follow and adhere with bar council rules and regulations.
However, Lawyers are free to create their profile on the internet with their name mobile number, website and other professional details.

So as a part of our vision for our legal fraternity and making a complete egalitarian platform for our brothers and sisters, a lawyer will get the same space as your fellow lawyer, we in no way or manner sell any space to bring a lawyer on top of our search results and no advertisement at any cost is provided to any lawyer.

Truelawyer does not promote any individual lawyer or advertise legal services in any manner.

Any lawyer with a legally recognised and authorised degree can list him or herself as a lawyer at and he will be automatically shown in the search results.

We do not entertain any request for paid promotion of legal services by anybody. Our search results are only affected by no. of verified reviews of clients and litigants of a particular lawyer, and a new user can toggle or sort through our search results, But we, In no way or manner sell or promote legal services or to bring a lawyer to the top of our results.

Your listing as a lawyer is subject to terms and conditions mentioned at the terms and conditions page at the footer.

We wish to create a platform for everyone's betterment and bringing law close to the reach of the common man.