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TrueLawyer (Ebiome Solutions Pvt. Ltd.) is an endeavour by a lawyer for fellow lawyers and litigants. The world has made great strides with the advent of technology, and the Indian Legal scene is fast catching up. From e-filing to e-hearings, we have moved a long way from our traditional court-rooms. Envisioning the same growth through technology for our fellow lawyers and legal practitioners, TrueLawyer aims to bridge the enormous gap between “We, the people of India” and we, the lawyers of India.

As AI advancements and intelligent Google algorithms percolate every profession, Law & Justice will soon be revolutionized and apparatus of legal justice will change entirely in the coming future. Thus, it is upon us to be a harbinger of this change and also ensure that it doesn’t replace the essential human-to-human contact that is the hallmark of justice in our country. Lawyers are the very starting point of the justice delivery system. If a lawyer for a common man’s woes can be found online without any exploitative middle-man, then the justice delivery system and citizens can be hugely benefitted at large.

India is the biggest market for online platforms. This means that more and more people will be finding solutions online. It is a great opportunity and a ripe-time to solve the age old problem of ‘last-mile’. Through TrueLawyer, we can truly make Legal Empowerment a dream-come-true for every citizen of our country, be it an urban businessman or a humble rural farmer.
With TrueLawyer, your Lawyer is just a few clicks away!

Important note: As per rules of Bar Council of India, lawyers cannot advertise their profession. TrueLawyer strictly follows and adheres to any and all rules of BCI. Maintaining the Integrity of Legal Profession is our collective and paramount responsibility. Thus, we request all lawyers on the platform to refrain from indulging any counter-practices.
Lawyers on TrueLawyer can create their profiles for free using their contact details along with a professional summary. They must possess certification as per BCI norms. TrueLawyer is a non-discriminatory and a completely egalitarian platform, and all lawyers will get the same space as their fellow lawyers. Practices such as payment for ‘top-searches result’ is strongly discouraged at TrueLawyer.
TrueLawyer is not an advertisement agency and no related practices are provided through our platform. We do not entertain any request for paid promotion of legal services by anybody. Our only aim is to reach every nook and corner of India and connect the common-man with legal practitioners to expedite the process of justice and equality. Search results on Truelawyer are affected only by the number of verified reviews of clients & common-people. Visitors on TrueLawyer can toggle or sort through the search results. You are advised to go through our Terms and Privacy Policy for further clarification.
TrueLawyer is a step towards our collective progress and to bring the law closer to the reach of the common man.